Traversing a Tree

Hello to the Legends out there. I Have a question in regards to the tree. I have a file type I would like to filter out. But Looking at the filtering for the webix tree it is a bit different than wanted. As it returns the first instance of the node that fits the description. So say for example we want to filter out any .txt files from a tree, whose has a root node of root. If we filter with the webix method from the tree it checks root. It sees root does not have .txt the extension says it is good and stops traversing there. Thus ultimate not getting our desired behavior to remove .txt files. As there can be .txt files within the root folder, but never got to check those files.

So I thought maybe if I can traverses the whole tree I can just remove the nodes that end with the .txt extension. Is there a way or a current Method out there that I perhaps missed at can traverse the whole tree?



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