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i use the old skin 'air' for my project. with version 6 are the icons for {common.first()} {common.prev()} {common.pages()} {common.next()} {common.last()} gone. what can i do?


  • Hello @roko ,

    The point is that such old skin as 'air' is normally supported by Webix version 5.4. So it's not recommended to combine this old skin with a new Webix version.
    I can recommend you to upgrade the skin to the newest one or use the old skin adding icons manually via css

  • Thank you, Nastja, How can i add icons manually via css? should i make a new css or update the air.css. And i find no png-files in webix-folder.

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    You can set the class to the element which you want to style (add an icon), and then use CSS content property(is used with the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements) to define the needed icon.
    Something like


    if in the version 5.4 you could set the icon like this:

     template:"<span class='webix_icon fa-file-video-o'></span>"

    So in the new version you need to do some actions. You can read about it
    here(but it's work only with existing skins (not 'air')):
    and here:

    If we talk about pager, so
    Also, you can change the icons in the array of the pager's buttons:

  • Thank You! i will try it next week.

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