filemanger 6.1.1 looping branch on noFileCache

Hello Experts. I face some looping situation in filemanager.

For using "loadDynData" function. I set up filemanger with noFileCache: true

And now I'm using branch mode

But when I return the below data..

{"parent":"Volumes/NO NAME2","data":[{"id":"Volumes/NO NAME2/services.ps1","type":"file","value":"services.ps1","size":50144,"date":1547017244}]}

then the filemanger always require the Volume's object entry coninuously and the filemanger becomes hanged..

I think when parent, or id's value includse some "space", I face this loop situation..

How can I solve this situation..?

P.S is there any way to use loaodDynData when noFileCache : false?
if then.. I think that is cool..


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