Impossible to sync ranges on complexData forms


I have multiple forms with same params.
I have troubles to sync values with complexData forms, specialy with dateranges.

How to sync form1 values to other forms? ( setValues seems not running) ?



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    Yep, it's a bug. Form works incorrectly with a daterangepicker if using complexData. We will fix it. Thank you for the report.
    As for now, it's only possible to set the value directly to the input or like this form.elements["daterangepicker"].setValue()

  • you're welcome
    does it will be fixed soon?

  • We will add a fix into the next version, but if you need it ASAP and have a support subscription, please contact

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    After investigating a bit into this issue, we can see that there cannot be a quick and simple solution for this use case.

    As a temporary solution, you can get rid of complexData and collect/set the form values with custom methods. Or modify the collapseNames method of the CodeParser module so that it will not collapse the object returned by the daterangepicker:

    Anyway, we will try to work out a stable solution for such object values till the next major release (end of February).

  • NOT fixed in the new release ... :(

  • Hello,

    Sorry for the delay. The fix is likely to appear in the next April release.

  • @crisalidGuillaume

    Please check the 6.2.1 build, the fix is already available:

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