How can I receive folder name from user when I create folder?

When I try to make the folder in webix filemanager, it always makes name as "newFolder". But I want to receive the folder name that will be created from user and Create Folder as one.
But when I check the event handler onBeforeCreateFolder, it only pass the id where folder created, I can't ask any name of folder that will be created from user.
Could you give me a some Idea?



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    There is no ready-to-use solution for such task, as it is intended that the new name will be processed (and changed, if needed) on the server.
    But it is possible to set a new name on client-side with slight customization:

    • default “Create folder” action is blocked,
    • added a custom dialog which leads to manual createFolder call,
    • templateCreate method is customized in order to apply a new folder name if it exists.
  • Thx for answer. I'll try. :)

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