Scrollbar "Room"

In 2015 i asked a question about the "extra column" that was actually the space reserved for the scrollbar ( Since moving to Webix v6 I no longer seem to have this space in a datatable and the scrollbar thumb section is always visible obscuring the last row and last column. Is this expected? Is there some directive/property i've missed?
I apologise for the dumb question, but any pointers would be welcome



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    As far as I can see, nothing has changed since 2015. The "extra column" is still reserved for the scrollbar in both Flat and new Material skins. You can remove it with the scrollY:false setting or use webix.CustomScroll in the Pro version.

    Could you please share a snippet/ screenshot of the problematic issue?

  • hello Helga,
    Thanks for replying. Is there a recommended way to include a screenshot for you?

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