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With the new version 6.0 the icons are redefined.
Now I want set icons in the filemanager context menu. But I can't find icons for download and refresh(sync). What must I do in the menu to get these icons?

My code:

var newData = [{
        id: "create",
        method: "createFolder",
        icon: "fm-folder",
        value: webix.i18n.filemanager.create
    }, {
        id: "download",
        method: "download",
        icon: "fm-download",
        value: "Download",
        batch: "file"
    }, {
        id: "refresh",
        method: "refresh",
        icon: "fm-refresh",
        value: webix.i18n.filemanager.refresh


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    Webix provides two predefined sets of icons depending on the used skin:

    1. Webix Awesome Icons for Flat, Compact and Contrast skins - based on Font Awesome 5 collection

    2. Webix Material Icons for Material and Mini skins - based on Material
      Design Icons

    Please check the information

    Check the related sample to see the list of available default icons:

  • Thanks for the links.
    But I can't used this in the filemanager with the context menu.
    What must I write for the icon? The 'fm-folder' is okay for font awesome but 'wxi-folder' not.

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    Oh, sorry, I got it

    To show the icon for 'download' you need to add fm-to the name of the icon.
    like this:
    We will correct it in the documentation.

    –°oncerning to the 'refresh', so there is you need to add
    icon:"webix_icon wxi-refresh"
    We found a bug and it's already fixed. So the fix will be in the next release(end of February).

  • Thanks again.

    But I don't get a icon with 'fm-download' or 'webix_icon wxi-refresh'.
    I hope that is working at the end of February.

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    But I don't get a icon with 'fm-download'

    hmm, that's work in my snippet
    I should clarify, that 'fm-...' with the value will appear only if you click on the file because of batch:"file" .
    Anyway, we will investigate the problem.

  • In the snippet you take 'fm-file' for icons. But I want 'fm-download' or a symbol of download not file.
    And I know that with the batch.

  • Yes, icons which are not by default in filemanager can't be shown right now.
    It will be possible in the next release.
    sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Okay, I look at that. That could be help.

  • @Nastja i have one doubt, where are the icons of the family fm?. I want to check all the icons

  • Hey @Dalaz, you can find some of the fm- family icons in this article - We'll update our documentation in the near future including all of the icons you can use.
    Meanwhile, you can take a look at the default icons available in Webix and use them within the file manager:

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