Integrate mention.js into comments?

We successfully used Mention.js in another project. I'd like to see Webix comments also to use a method for @mentions in comments, giving a new event "user_mentioned" to react on with code (send out mail or push notification). Do you have something like this on your roadmap?


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    Yep, this sounds like a nice feature. We have added it to our roadmap, and probably in 6.2 we will release this functionality (template and event).

    For now you can implement this feature by changing the templateText template to visualize the mentioned user, and handle data-related events (e.g. onBeforeAdd) to catch the moment when user is mentioned for the first time.

    Please, check the following sample:

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    Thank you! Interesting, but impossible to mention someone whose name is Leia Organa with this current approach. Have to dive deeper into it. A selection list of users on mentioning typing would be best (just like in mentions.js)

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    Yep, it's just a simple implementation that gives you a hint how you can tune it yourself.

    Sure, if we add this functionality out of box, a suggest list with possible users will popup up while typing.

  • Perfect. Let us know what to expect at which time or release.

  • Important to have events like onmention to be able to react on it appropriately, e. g. sending a mail or a push notification.

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    Let us know what to expect at which time or release.

    Most probably we will add this functionality as part of the spring release at the end of April.

  • Hey Helga, since 6.2 is already released, what about this pretty feature? Still on your list? Or already available?

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    The feature is almost ready in our dev build and we plan to release it in Webix 6.3 at the end of April.

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