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Hello! I have datatable with active content (counter). When I mark layout isolate it isn't work with active content components. How can I fix this problem? Thank you in advance.



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    or how to add ui.counter to each datatable row without ActiveContent. Maybe it is possible with html templates? Sorry, I am beginner with Webix.

  • Hello @valk20,

    The point is that ActiveContent will be removed in Webix 7.0. So I recommend you to use html template.
    Please check the sample:

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    Thank you for your help. But I prepare to use webix ui.conter. It have more needful design(with -+ side buttons) and list of events and methods. Do you have any ideas how to make it isolate?

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    I imitate this situation on sample:
    Add the second tab (click add button 2 times) and you have error:"not unique id". Layout mark as isolate. How fix this problem?

  • Any advice?

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