Method addCss() not working correct usage

Hello!! I'm trying to use addCss(). The case in question is for example:

webix.html.addCss("dom_element", "class_name");

The problem is that if i place the class declaration into the section of the main html page (i'm developing an one page webapp) the code specified above work but instead if i place the css class definition into an external css file (in this case placed into a subfolder but i tried with a file placed at top level) obiviously including it into the main html page, like this:

"< link rel="stylesheet" href="custom_css/customStyles.css" type="text/css" charset="utf-8" >"

The addCss() start not working. It seems that the definition become invisible.

Any idea?


  • Hello,

    The addCSS method just adds /appends a provided string to the node class name. And it does not where the corresponding CSS rule is declared, either it is document head or the included style sheet.

    <span class="added">
    <span class="own added">

    Please inspect the HTML with browser dev tools to ensure that the needed node has the defined CSS class and the stylesheet has been loaded.

  • Thank you Helga for your answer and sorry for the late but i was abroad in the last month. I tried to understand this phrase:

    "And it does not where the corresponding CSS rule is declared, either it is document head or the included style sheet."

    But I don't know what you mean can you explain me?.
    I'm sure that the css is loaded beacuse i use other custom css rules declared into for my webapplication but i don't know why if i place

    background-color: #ffa357;
    border-radius: 5%;

    into my custom css file (or other loaded css files) addCss() doesn't work and instead if i place the same css rule between tag in the head of index.html (i developed a one page application) addCss() method work.

    Maybe i maked a stupid mistake but is strange. if you assure me that addCss() should work with a rule placed in any css file in any place in the application and loaded via usual < link rel="stylesheet"> html tag and i don't pay attention "to anything" (some particular policy or characteristics of the framework) i'll try to find the problem.

  • @francesco_talin
    addCss / removeCss is agnostic about your styles.
    they just add or remove provided string (css class) to or from node's className.

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