Webix Bug

I need to have inside an accordion some combo with the multiline label.
To achieve this, the only way we have found is to add a css class with the height set up to "auto" otherwise the fields are not entirely visible, but with this class Webix slip up to calculate the height of the container where the combo is contained and all the subsequent containers.
The number of the combo is variable and I can't give a fixed dimension to the accordion's body to resolve the problem.
I send you the Snippet where I worked and I ask you if there is a way that Webix manages the multiline on the fields.



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    We don't recommend to use height in CSS, it can break components.
    You can use label view instead of label property of the combo.
    Also, is possible to use template with autoheight property.

  • Thanks.
    I've solved using the template view with the autoheight property.

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