Bootstrap dropdown overflow hidden by data table cell.

I'm making a data table with a last column holding two buttons, one button is a link and the other button opens up a Bootstrap dropdown-menu. Note, these buttons are not Webix button views, but rather HTML embedded with the template option. My issue is that the dropdown-menu is being hidden by the subsequent table row (or the end of the table if it is the last row). I've tried setting the z-index for the dropdown to 1000, setting the overflow of the parent cell to "overflow: visible". Any suggestions?


  • any overflow is hidden in table cell.
    dropdown-menu's container should not be the cell.
    body element is the preferred container.

    why not to use webix content menu?

  • I'm trying to open a dropdown-menu that's position is to the right of the button element that triggered it, not a menu that is at the top of the page's body.

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