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how can I use the same options in CustomEditor when selecting users via a richselect?

If I specify the options as Url as shown below, this will work, but two GET requests (usersUrl) will be triggered.
This does not seem to be the case when using the DefaultEditor.

      { view:"textarea", name:"text", label:"text", height: 90},
      { view:"richselect", name:"user_id", label:"user_id", options: usersUrl}
        currentUser: currentUserID 
        { header:"Backlog", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"new" }},
        { header:"In Progress", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"work" }},
        { header:"Testing", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"test" }},
        { header:"Done", body:{ view:"kanbanlist", status:"done" }}
    url: dataUrl,
    save: dataUrl,
    attachments: attUrl,
    users: usersUrl


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