Possible bug, or maybe just browser difference

Ran into something weird. In my web app I have an icon button in a toolbar to fill a datatable entry down a column. The item to be filled down will be the one currently being edited.

In Chrome, when I click the icon button to fill down, the click function is called, I retrieve the current editor, get the column and the editor value, then I stop the edit and fill it down. Works as I would like.

In Firefox and Safari, when I click the icon button, the editor is immediately closed without my doing anything, and before the click function is called. This does, of course, break the fill down since there is no longer an editor and so nothing to fill down.

Is this a browser decision and difference (i.e., nothing you or I can do about it), is this something you can fix? I can probably find some way around this, but it could be awkward. Or maybe I just need to do this a completely different way.



  • can you share a buggy snippet?

  • https://snippet.webix.com/h49silfr

    Click to edit any cell in the datatable. Then click the button in the toolbar above the datatable (double down arrow). The button click handler will try to get the editor for that open edit.

    In Chrome, it gets an object. In Safari and Firefox it gets false, meaning the editor was already closed by the time the click handler was called.

    Is there a way to get the behavior that Chrome shows in Safari and Firefox? Or is Chrome the one doing the wrong thing? My goal is to do something with the currently edited cell. So I want the editor open until I close it.


  • tried on Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE11, Edge, Firefox.
    only Safari shown unexpected behavior.
    probably event logic is different on Safari.

  • So, this is a browser thing, not something you or I can control so it's consistent? Then I will need to do this functionality a different way. Thanks.

  • Did you try Firefox on Windows or Mac? I tried Mac and it came back false, meaning no edit object.

  • Firefox works on Windows 10 but not on Mac OS. Interesting. Edge works on Windows 10. Is this a Mac issue?

  • I did not try on Mac, but Safari on Windows returns false.
    Safari is Apple's too. So may be the issue is related to Mac.
    if you can explain your aim, I think the better way can be found.

  • This is for a fill down in a datatable. After entering an item, while editing is still open, click the icon button, and it fills that item down the column. I will look at other ways to implement it.

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