filter item in combo popup

I'm trying to remove extra items from the popup. How to do it?



  • Super!!!
    Thank you!!!

  • Hi @integral,

    The snippet you provided works well by filtering items before showing the suggest popup. However it has the downside that the combo looses the suggest filter as you type functionality.

    _suggest_after_filter calls show, which in turn calls the handler for onBeforeShow. It seems this breaks the existing functionality.

    I really need a combined functionality, where one is able to see a previously selected value in the combo, but some values are not available for selection (ie: filter before show), and suggest filter as you type works correctly.

    Kind Regards

  • @emilkm
    try to check for being already visible in the handler

                var list = this.getList();
                  return obj.visible||false;
  • Thank you so much. Works perfectly.

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