Restoring application state sets wrong dimensions to resizers

I'm a Pro user, and when I restore the application state with webix.UIManager.setState(stateApp);, I sometimes see very large resizer components:

fat resizer

This seems to happen because I declared resizers simply like { view: 'resizer' }, and I suspect they were automatically assigned numeric IDs like $resizer12. Later when I add another element to the layout, the resizer gets a new ID, which happens to be the old ID of some other component in the layout, that was saved in the state. Or maybe a vertical resizer gets the dimensions of a horizontal resizer (which might explain why they look square). Anyway, setState sets the wrong dimension to resizer components.

If I assign IDs to every resizer, the problem seems to be avoided, but what guarantees that I won't see it on other components?

Is there a better way?



  • Hello Dan,

    Could you please share a snippet of your implementation?

    In our basic example everything works smoothly.

    However, I suspect that with dynamic UI that changes between save and save state operations you will have define static IDs to avoid described collisions.

    But as to the resizers, they are unlikely to change sizes so dramatically.

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