Datatable Header issue

I use inside a datatable fist column for checkbox. I also used the way to set a general checkbox inside the header. But whatever I try to change, the checkbox inside the header is never in the middle of the header. Can you please give me a hint how to make the header checkbox vertical/horizontal centered?

{ id:"ch1", width:30, header:{ content:"masterCheckbox" }, checkValue:'on', uncheckValue:'off', template:"{common.checkbox()}"},

Skin: mini


  • Hello,
    If I correctly understood, you want to center the checkbox in the cell of the header?
    So you can add css as

    header:{ content:"masterCheckbox", css:{"text-align":"center"} }

  • The main problem for me is, that inside your snippet the checkbox is vertical and horizontal centred. In my view, without any change in checkbox CSS I see the checkbox always horizontal 1-2 pixel to the right and vertical at the top of the databtable cell. This is confusing me.

  • edited February 6

    By default header content uses the same align, so checkbox may be left aligned as data in the same column. Vertical centering probably need to be adjusted.
    We will look in it.

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