protoUI and tabbar\tabview


How can i use protoUI and tabbar at the same time?

example(try to remove 11-14 lines):

ps. you can use Russian language )



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    just don't override existing view type using protoUI.
    sometimes this leads to unexpected result because of webix inner logic.
    create new one and use it in the code.

  • your way is very easy ), i would like to override method of "standard" control.

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    there is a hackish way.
    but why you need this?
    maybe there is a better solution.
    because if you override a method in original class, all inherited classes (datepicker, combo etc) can be affected unexpectedly.

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    i have an existing project and i need to implement access to controls. My intended steps:
    1. have a collection of rules, for example [{id:controlId, hasAccess:true\false},{...}]
    2. override "global" method of control where i will change properties, for example: disable()\enable()

    so, as result i will have min changes...

    this is the most simple way of overriding original methods.
    but you really must know what you do.

  • thx.

    I tried this one before, but I have no progress :)

    webix.ui.text.prototype.$prepareValue = function(v) {
    return 123;

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