attachEvent to filter in header?

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Hello everyone.
I have a treetable ('id' = 'dview'), and I have a filter text box in the header of a column.
{ id: "name", header: ["Search", {content:"textFilter"}], width: 800 }

I want to do custom search filtering, so how can I use attachEvent in my set up?
This does not work:
// etc
My console tells me "TypeError: $$(...).getFilter(...).attachEvent is not a function"

I think this is because I am trying to attach to the filter of a column, instead of an element? But what can I do, because I cannot give my header a seperate ID, right?

I can see here -
This person has it working , but they have their search box in a separate row, but I don't want this. I like it in the header of my column.

Is it possible for me?

Thank you


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