Webix UI v.5.4.5 - Textarea breaks out of the view


  • We want to make the text area resizable as the default chrome functionality.
  • The static width and height dimensions of the parent element makes the view go out of the view area (overflow hidden).
  • Is there a better technical approach / a fix in a way that we do not break the system UI and still allow the text areas to be resized apart from applying height:auto!important; to the parent?
  • The height:auto!important; also breaks the parent view, coz the content is only scrollable to the height calculated before and not after the resize. The rest of the content below the resized text area remains hidden.
  • Please help us with a solution for the same.


  • Hello @shivam_two ,

    Webix sizing is performed via inner calculations based on properties set to the controls, such as widget's height, padding in layout, etc. Custom size set through CSS will not be considered and may interrupt the appearance.

    Unfortunately, as the native resizer of the textarea does not trigger any event, it is not possible to resize the textarea itself along with its parent Webix container and recalculate the sizes in the UI.

    The only feasible solution we can suggest is to add the Webix resizer below the textarea and adjust the structure of the layout for proper resize.
    Please, check the following example:


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