Moving chart together with tooltip

Hi, by referring the example below, I had move my chart to the middle of the box, but I found the chart tooltip is not move along. Is there any workaround on this?



  • Please check:

    In general, the custom CSS for sizing and positioning of Webix widgets is not recommended, as custom parameters may interrupt the Webix core sizing logic, which is based on the widgets configuration (width, padding, etc.).

    Instead of applying such properties in styles, I strongly recommend using the available properties (please check the above snippet).

    Specifically, the position of the tooltip is calculated based on the expected position of chart elements. As the custom CSS does not affect these calculations, the tooltip will be shown in the initial position.
    If you need to control the position of the chart within its container, please note that the chart has the possibility to set the padding for the inner graph.

  • Hi @Listopad, thanks for the feedback. I didn't realized the use of padding.

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