webix6 and DHTMLX Rich Text Editor

Is it possible to integrate the DHTMLX Rich Text Editor in a webix 6 Form?



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    Hi Rainer,

    Yep, sure. You can intergate any third-party tool into a Webix view with a couple of these simple steps:

      // provide name
       // create HTML an container within Webix view
       // fetch library files and init the tool in the container
       //add some method to access the tool
       //adjust the tool to Webix view when it changes its size
       // inherit from base view
    }, webix.ui.view);

    Please, check the snippet of a basic Webix - DHX RichText integration: https://snippet.webix.com/wh4j37zt

  • Hi Helga, this works perfect for my new webix application. Many thanks, Rainer

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    Hi webix team, is it possible to set the DHX Rich Text Editor to readonly mode?

  • Hello @RainerRoss,
    Change value contenteditable attribute on false and use webix.delay() wrapper to ensure that the rendering of the editor was finished.
    Please check a snippet:

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