I can add a button in Datalayout.
But can we react on Click event from this button to get the Item ?


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    Could you please clarify why do you want to use datalayout for this case?
    Maybe, using list with a button will be a good solution. Something like

    Also, is possible to add onClick to template if you want to get the id of the item:

  • Can you add in manual, we can use the data property when the view is used in datalayout. It's a very important point.

  • Can't we have the data property for Button view as for template ?

    As we don't have activeContent anymore, i want to try to do the same.
    With ActiveContent, we could use the $masterId to get Item. How can i do the same with the dataLayout ?


  • I can get ITem in this way

    Why not use data property on every view as for template ?
    It will be easy when using dataLayout to receive the Item data as it's with the template view.


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