Making a centered column with a max width surrounded by optional columns.

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I am going crazy trying to make a situation work I would like to have, I sadly can't find an example or any documentation helping here (or I miss out a combination). I have so far this structure:

      responsive: "hide",
      cols: [{},{
        responsiveCell: false,
        minWidth: 300,
        maxWidth: 800,

The idea is that I have a central column with everything, it should be maximum width of 800 pixel and should use as much of the space as possible, and if its wider then 800 pixel, then there should be left and right this empty column. You can imagine that my structure is not loading to my wished result, but I might be here on a wrong path.

Any suggestion?



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    Webix is actually not that flexible and there aren't any ready-made solutions. However,  you can listen to Webix global onResize event and show and hide spacer columns manually:

  • Thanks, I will try to use that and adjust the width by hand, I think that would be the direction, right?

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