Bug Webix Pro 6.3.2 css

in some cases webix.js raises an js error in Line 27383

    for (var i in classes) {
      if (css.indexOf(i) !== -1) return true;

in this case css was not a string, but an object with properties i.e.

{ background: 'red' }

in this case it was a view: "button" element.

my code worked in all former versions w/o any problem, last testet working version was 6.2.7

please provide me a fix soon!


  • see here for example: https://snippet.webix.com/4i2pudkj

    script will run if you change webix version - or remove css: { background: "red" },

    ( script will for some reason also run if you add type: "form" )

  • I can confirm the issue, thank you.
    The fix will be included in the nearest release.

    Also, please note that starting from 6.3 buttons accept several predefined classes instead of types such as “form” and “danger”. These types will be deprecated in the future major updates.
    In case of custom styling via css:"some_class", the selector has to include webix_button with the following structure: https://snippet.webix.com/oxkrzdaw

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