Height of the elements in horizontal layout, resp. width of elments in vertical layout

I recognized that elements in horizontal layout seems to always get the height of the layout (No matter whats set to height or maxHeight). So if the layout is 60px height, all elements within also becomes 60 pix height. The same happens with the width in vertical layouts.

But I need to size each element separatley if needed.

For sample I have a line (horizontal layout) containing two input fields with the label on top and a button. The line becomes 60px height and so also the button. But I need to have the button only 30px height an flow on bottom on this line.

Is there any trick to get this result?


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    The point is that elements of the layout take the rest of the free space. Try to set the height to the button and use spacer {}as the last element

  • Sorry, but it was about the

    Height in Horizontal Layouts
    and the
    Width in Vertical Layouts

    It should be possible to size an element with a

    Less height than the sourrounding horizontal layout
    Less width than the sourrounding vertical layout

    So for the above question:
    2 Input-Fields with a height of 60 pix and a Button with a height of 30px
    in a Horizontal Layout with height of 60px

    Btw: Is it possible to attach Images to a post, would be much easier to explain the problem.

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    Yes, it will be better if I can see the image with a problem

    try to use <img src=" ">

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    See here


  • Anyone?

  • Could eventually someone of the developer post me a quick answer?
    Maybe this is a bug.

  • Hello again,

    Sorry for the delay in answering.
    I tried to reproduce the problem: https://snippet.webix.com/l1zyx1lm
    If you define the height directly to the layout, so it's the main size of the layout. As another side, if the size isn't defined, the layout fit into child views.
    I can recommend you to use minHeight: https://snippet.webix.com/lwp60xuf

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