Scroll view issue on window resize

Hello Webix Team,

I have used scrollview in window and I am getting issue on window resize
that all data is not visible in scrollview as I used flexlayout to wrap content to next line.

How can I use this scroll properly?

Please reply.


  • Please reply.

  • Unfortunately, FlexLayout is not intended for such use-case.

    Due to the features of CSS flexbox layout, FlexLayout has no fixed sizes.

    This limitation affects the parent scroll view, as it cannot calculate the size of the scrollable body with several flex layouts. As a result, the scroll will be mishandled.

    To avoid any issues, I would suggest you reconsider the current implementation and avoid using several flex layouts within the scrollview.
    As a solution, you can replace Flex Layout with a common responsive moving feature.

  • @Listopad Thank you ! It works so fine.

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