Datatable tooltips: the problem with a global `tooltip` property

I was working with Datatable tooltips and ran into the same issue that someone also had: tooltips didn't work, unless I added tooltip: true to the table definition.

I think that if a column has a tooltip property, then Webix should honor that, an display tooltips for that column - without requiring the global tooltip property at the table level.

The problem with the table-level tooltip property is that it enables tooltips for ALL cells. I a table with many cell and I want only one tooltip:

one tooltip desired

I have to write tooltip: false in every single column except the one I do want a tooltip for. :(



  • Hi Dan,

    I'm not sure, but if we do change the behaviour, there can be users that will need to define tooltip:true for every single column instead of just providing a global setting, which also seems cumbersome.. )

  • Hi Helga,

    I see what you mean, and I don't think it will be a problem with behavior like this:

    1. if the table has a global tooltip: true property, display tooltips for every column (except those with tooltip: false) - just like now
    2. if the table doesn't have a global tooltip property (or it's falsy), display tooltips only for columns with a defined tooltip property

    The behavior change would only be for case 2.

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