popupWidth doesn't work for richselect?

I have a richselect with long option values. It's fine that the inputWidth is narrow (that shows only the first word of the option), but how can I set the popupWidth to a large value?

In the snippet, setting popupWidth apparently doesn't do anything. The documentation is broken (the example is cloned from combo, not richselect).



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    Hi, we'll fix the documentation page soon.

  • We will consider removing this ambiguous property. And here is the example that shows how to make the popup wider than its master richselect/combo input: https://snippet.webix.com/5h75e1nw

  • Thank you. Thank you. It would be nice if fitMaster could be set directly on richselects: view: 'richselect', fitMaster: false.

    However, setting a hard-coded width after `fitMaster: false can look bad if enough space becomes available after the user resizes the window, and the suggest will be narrower than the master.

    Is there a way to have the suggest width be minimum that of its master?

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    Thank you for suggestion, but widget API should be consistent, so we would rather leave the fitMaster:true on a suggest level.

    As to controlling Suggest size in dynamics, you can handle the onBeforeShow event and decide on the desired width like in the following snippet: https://snippet.webix.com/ugn1l6fe

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