Treetable - Node cannot be expanded

I have created a table using webix framework in my react code. I see it working properly.
Now I am trying to convert it to treetable. For this I made the relevant changes to the type of view, implemented the selectors which will update the data and provided the option webix_kids and open flag to true for the row to be expanded. For the 1st column property, I have set common.treetable().
I see the square for the row with the children.
Still I am not able to expand the node on the ui.

I tried updating the data from the selector where I specify the child node data against the "data" tag.

When trying to expand the initial table only is visible.

I am invoking the selector [ using _this.props.updateOpenNodes(id);] from onBeforeOpen:.
I also tried adding it to onDataRequest: but it was getting invoked on loading the treetable as well which I don't want.

I also tried providing the hard coded data in the form of json where the child node data is provided as follows:

 "data": [
                        "awb0BomLineItemId": "001034",
                        "bl_indented_title": "001034/A;1-sub2",
                        "object_string": "001034/A;1-sub2",
                        "awp0ThumbnailImageTicket": "",
                        "bl_item_item_id": "001034",
                        "bl_item_object_desc": "",
                        "id": "SR::N::Mfg0BvrWorkarea..1.WlzUj$bQcrA9PD.gRUxfCg9ZcC2KA.g9WxfCg9ZcC2KA.Group:/Thid_ACcxfCg9ZcC2KA/AfUxfKQDZcC2KA.1",
                        "webix_kids": false,
                        "open": false

Could you please help me out here and tell me how I can make this work?
Am I missing something here?

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