Need to set default values for table filter

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Hello Webix team,

I want to set predefined values for table filter. I have custom filter.

I have tried using

but its not working.


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    Hello @Tejal,

    You can set the value to the input as

    $$('grid').getFilter('id_of_column').value = 'some_value'

    and after that use filter

    Please check the sample:

  • Good morning Nastja,

    I am trying to implement a similar function following your example above I define my value and see it in the box so I can filter but when I load page even though the value is in filter box the table still shows all values NOT filtered data. I can only get it to filter if I press the "Enter key" (carriage return)...Do you have any suggestions to solve my problem...I appreciate your feedback..thx

  • the example appears to work when setup standalone. My environment setting has Webix as the front dashboard (datatable view), thymeleaf and Java with boostrap buttons using "rest->". I ended up using the following to correct my problem: ready:function(){this.get.filter('instance').value = 'prod'; this.filter('instance','prod',true); refreshFilter('instance'); }.....the resfreshFilter line did the trick...otherwise the filter box had 'prod' in it but the filter action never took place....

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