getItem returns 'undefined' after tab navigation

The problem is that after tabbing in the datatable, getItem will return 'undefined' if you pass the id object when it usually works otherwise. If you pass the row number it works properly.

To reproduce the issue :

Snippet :

  1. Click on the first cell
  2. Enter anything, e.g. 1
  3. Press Tab
  4. Enter anything, e.g. 2
  5. Press Tab

Observation : getItem returns different results



  • the event is a bit wrong documented.
    the id argument is actually of type { column: string|number, row: string|number }.
    where row is the real id of edited cell's rowitem.

  • Yes, that's true
    We will correct it in the documentation

  • edited June 2019

    @integral indeed, it is not really a blocker per se, as you can use id.row like you pointed out. It's more that the behavior of getItem is inconsistent, as you can actually pass the id object {column, row} usually, and that it fails in this particular case.

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