Async for spreadsheet registerMathMethod

Is there any way to create an asynchronous custom formula.
I'd like to define a formula that send a request to our server based on its arguments and returns the result asynchronously.
Is there any way to do that?
That would be a blocker for us to use Webix for our projects.


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    Hi @dezem_delaunay

    There is no such built-in feature, but you can try to get the edited cell, send ajax and update this cell value after getting a response.


  • Hi, thanks for the response.

    Unfortunately it does not really work as I would expect.
    If you click on the Formula cell after the value has been replaced, you do not see the Formula anymore but just the value returned by the ajax request.

    Is there any reason for not adding such a feature?
    It is hard for me to tell if adding this feature would be possible as I just have access to the minified trial version of the code.

  • @dezem_delaunay

    We added this to the list of features and in future versions we will try to implement it.

  • Hello! Sorry to bump an old post but just looking to see if this was ever added to the product.

  • Hi @caranda ,
    Unfortunately, not yet. Although we have this feature in long-term plans, so far I can't provide the exact estimate for it.
    Our roadmap for nearest releases is oriented on different features and components, but we will note the importance of this solution for further development.

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