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in my demo:
there are some issues:
1)the options in the list of editor 'combo' is shown "$empty" when select first option,can we replace it wiht ""?

2)why the date format is not allowed to pasted? but it can be pasted when i paste one column or row.
And when the date format is '2019/06/21'.I hope other date formats can also be converted to this format when i paste data(eg:2019.07.15 or 2019-07-15 ).how can i do that? thanks a lot.

3)I found when the decimalDelimiter is defined to '^', the data will be mixed after export(6589^87% -> 6589.870^%) you can try,the button 'export' will be shown in the context menu.
but most other symbols such as '#$&*' are right.

4)when the data type is percentage, user keyin 5.67, I hope to show 5.67% not 567%,and always keep the same decimals,how can i do that by a easy way? thanks.



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