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Hi all,
is there a way to enable fluid scrolling like prerender: true with server side data loading? If I enable it, scrolling huge amout of data is a pain.
I know it would be done with continuos scrolling (no pager) but it is not so simple

Maybe using invisible pager or events with loadnext?



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    I wonder if anyone has used webix to make an app with the soft scroll and server side loading without pager or with the continuous scroll.

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    I am using dynamic loading without pager and everything works just fine.
    pay attention to loadahead amount.
    usually bigger value means smoother scrolling.
    but you need to find the best value, so that loading was not slow and scrolling was not to empty (not loaded) area.

  • Yes, you are right, it works well for me too but maybe I explained myself wrongly, the kinetic effect is not the same as when prerender: true.
    When you swipe with your finger, a white area appears with no data until you finish to swipe

  • you can try this scenario for auto loadnext

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