Datatable and barcode reader

In the my application, I should use a datatable with a barcode reader in emulation keyboard.

there is an way to connect the barcode reader and datatable to insert a value?
In this scenario the barcode read is sended to server witch return a new row.




  • I found a solution with Jquery,there is library jquery-scanner-barcode that detect the barcode read with scanner. It is not a good solution because I must load Jquery.

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    Hey @pier77, please correct me if I'm wrong, but you are: scanning a barcode with a barcode reader, that barcode gets uploaded to a server, server returns a new entry with that barcode inside, correct? And your issue is that you want to display the received barcode in the new row of your datatable after you get the response from the server? If so, you should look towards a barcode view. The issue here is, I'm pretty sure that you can't place a webix view inside a column template, so it wouldn't be possible to show it directly in the datatable. You could maybe do something like: and display the barcode on row select.

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