Datatable save-Update URL change?

Hello, another question :) I can not get an ID attached :(

view:"datatable", columns:[ { id:"id", header:"ID", sort:"text", width:50 }, { id:"cat_id", header:"Category ID", sort:"text" } ], editable:true, save:{ "insert":"data/insert.php", "update":"data/update.php?id"+this.getSelectedId(), "delete":"data/delete.php" }

After initialization, this.getSelectedId () is static :(

best regards


  • You need to have view:"datatable", select:true to enable selection in the datatable.

    Please beware that selected cell and edited cells can differ ( currently edited cell can be retrieved through

    var state = this.getEditState();
    if (state){
       const col = state.column;
       const row = state.row;
  • Also, for update calls, the ID of affected row will be available as part of POST request ( you can use $_POST["id"] to get the id of the row )

    If you need to change how the parameters transferred to the server, you can define your own data proxy.

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