Sort a list with unitlist

Hi I am trying to sort a list where an employee can be a supervisor and a supervisor has several employees in charge, and want to show this data in a table, webix allow joins or is there any other way to solve this problem. Also i have this example


  • Hey @Hellekin, am I understanding you correctly, you want to have a way to sort your unitlist and then display the sorted data inside a datatable? If so, you can use webix.DataCollection to store your data and sort that. Here's an example: If I'm wrong about your intentions please correct me.

  • webix allow joins

    There are no joins. Still it can be done, please check

         uniteBy: function (obj) {
            var z = this.getItem(obj.codsup);
            if (z) return z.nomusu;
            return "None";

    If you have a complex grouping rules, it possible to form the necessary data on server side, instead of client side grouping.

  • Thanks @maksim , it was very useful

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