Webix pivot configuration


I have my webix code like below


When i click on the "Click to configure" a window having pivot configuration appears.

In the filters section ,I have name and year filters

I wanted the name filter to be selected mandatory . I dont want to remove it from the filter and i when i click on the multi-select option beside name it shows me options like select,text,datepicker i dont want any of these to be populated.

How can i do that?



  • @Dzmitry

    Could you please help me ?

  • Can anybody help please?

  • @Anybody

    Please help me to how can i achieve this..? .. Is it possible to make the filter mandatory? and remove the drop down options in the filter(select,text,datepicker)?

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    is the above requested feature supported in webix ..?:( :(

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    does the above requested feature supported in webix ..?:( :(

  • Hello,

    Webix Pivot does not allow configuring the components in its Popup.

    However, you can achieve your requirement by blocking click actions for the desired filter ( "name", if I have understood you correctly ).

    You can use the onPopup event to make sure the popup is ready, then access the needed list and block mouse events for "webix_link_selection" and "webix_pivot_minus" areas within the list item that shows "name" filter.

    Please check the related snippet https://snippet.webix.com/vcxzka6p

  • @Helga

    Thanks for your answer. I Wanted to remove the cross(x) also for name filter alone.

    How can i do that?

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    You can add some "no-remove" CSS class for the related list item and add visibility:hidden to the stylesheet:

     popup.$$("filters").attachEvent("onAfterLoad", function(){
       var obj = this.find(function(obj){ return obj.name == "name"; })[0];
       if(obj) obj.$css = "no-remove";


  • @Helga
    In the above code in the name filter .Similary to selectAll i want to have unselectAll option so that when the user clicks on the UnselectAll i wanted to unselectAll the selected items in the name filter.

    How can i do that???

  • @Helga

    Currently for the above name filter if we want to select All the countries and if we click on the selectAll we can see unselectall option

    But i want to have a customization like even if one country is selected in the filter i wanted to have a UnselectAll option.

    How can i do that?

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    Can anybody help please?

  • Hi,

    i have tried config.options.unselectAll = true but no luck

    can you please help me in this

  • @Listopad @Helga @Dzmitry

    Can anybody helpme out please?

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