Typescript ajax call issue when migrating from 6.2.6 to 6.4.X


I have a issue to use latest webix library with typescript and type definition of ajax call.

This line:
return webix.ajax()
.get(url, param, (text, data, request) => { ...}).
.then( ....

return this error:
TS2339: Property 'get' does not exist on type 'Ajax | Promise'.
Property 'get' does not exist on type 'Promise'.



  • as a workaround
    in webix.global.d.ts replace

    function ajax(url?: string, params?: any):webix.Ajax | Promise<any>;


    function ajax(url: string, params?: any):Promise<any>;
    function ajax():webix.Ajax;
  • thanks.

    If a new version can be deployed that will be nice (I use pro version),

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