uploader send() - catch connection error

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Hi, Webix team.
I catch connection error for ajax requests like this:
webix.attachEvent("onAjaxError", function(xhr){
webix.message({type: 'error', text:"Ошибка соединения. Проверьте подключение к интернету"});
It isn't work with upload files by uploader send() method.
Callback run if response {"status":"server"}.
onAjaxError event isn't catch connect error.
onFileUploadError too.
Thank you in advance


  • Hey @valk20, onFileUploadError should be able to handle such a case just fine, please take a look at this example: https://snippet.webix.com/jje9fyf5. I'm not really sure why onFileUploadError didn't work out for you, could you perhaps share a snippet with your code so I could reproduce the issue?

  • If I lose internet connection I have OPTIONS https://docs.webix.com/samples/server/upl net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
    onFileUploadError not run

  • uploader send files asynchronic?

  • If I send multiple files and some of them have {"status":"error"}.
    send() callback isn't run?
    onFileUploadError run one time or for each file upload error?
    Sorry for many questions.

  • Perhaps you could do something like this to handle network connection errors: https://snippet.webix.com/0vi5s2g0 (replace xhttp.open() link to wherever you're uploading/storing data).

    uploader send files asynchronic?

    As far as I know send() is async.

    onFileUploadError run one time or for each file upload error?

    The event runs for every file that had an error.

  • ok. Thanks
    For example,
    If i upload 3 file.
    Upload complete and two files have {"status":"server"} and one of them {"status":"error"}.
    In this case
    "onFileUploadError" run for error upload file and then run send() callback?

    If all 3 files have {"status":"error"} send() callback isn't run and "onFileUploadError"run 3 times?

    Do I understand correctly?

  • Thanks, I check this question

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