How to an add icon next to grid column header title?

How to add icon next to grid column header title?


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    Hey @webix_B_123, since header content is basically a template, you can include any html content inside of it, so for instance here's an example of using the default webix icons inside datatable headers: This way, naturally, you can include any images/icons/other content inside your header as well.

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    That fine.

    Is there any why to dynamically to update that icon?
    and I need to add handler for that is it possible with out id?

  • Forgot to mention it is multiline header

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    You can access the header config of the related column and update the contents as you see fit: As for the handler, I'm not sure that you can get the column id that was changed, the closest event to what we're trying to do is onStructureUpdate, but it doesn't receive any parameters.

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