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Hello Webix team,

In above snippet, I have added z-index property to combo popup window. because of which it is affecting the tooltip (which is getting hidden behind the popup). I can handle this using css, but how can I add a class to tooltip?



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    Hey @leod1481, you can add a class inside the tooltip template and refer to the tooltip via this class, please take a look at this example:

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    Hello Dzmitry,

    In my case its necessary for me to apply z-index for webix_popup, in such case how can I show tooltip?

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    In that case you could apply z-index directly to the webix_tooltip class, the issue here, however, is that by doing this your would affect every tooltip on your page. In our case we wrap our tooltip inside a div and can style it however we want (except for position/visibility). So one thing you could do is define a css class for our tooltip itself by using a define method and refer to it for our styling needs:

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