Form fields in "col" go out of alignment when label wraps

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Resize the width of this sample until the long label wraps. The result will look like this:

Webix lame form alignment

What is the recommended way to keep proper field alignment when labels might wrap? (Aside from limiting to one field per row, which on wide screens will look very fat, or hardcoding widths.) What if a form like this is used on mobile?



  • Hey @dandv, thank you for the bug report! We've already issued a fix and it should become available in the next release of Webix UI. Meanwhile if you would like to, you could use this as a workaround: (the behaviour will be around the same, the labels will get cut off if they exceed the reasonable width).

  • Thank you for that CSS solution! Hope Webix incorporates this in the next version and ideally display a tooltip when the user mouses over labels that had to be truncated.

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