Adaptive input fields for the phone

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There is a form with login and password. The problem is that the keyboard climbs onto the input fields themselves.
// Help solve the problem please.


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    Hey @XOLDEN, unfortunately it is a known bug with Android devices and we're not able to fix it on our side just yet. However, as a workaround, you can force the use of a native scroll,

    body { overflow:auto !important; }

    here is an example of how this would look in the code:

    I've also hosted a demo for you to see here: Please try it out on your mobile device. According to our limited testing, this should cover your use case.

    I would also like to note that it is best to wrap your code in

       if ( webix.env.touch ){         // if touch device is detected
       webix.ui({ ... })

    for the most optimal experience on touch devices.

  • thx a lot

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