Assign kanban card (task) to several users

Currently I am using trial version of Kanban complex widget and I want to figure out is it possible to assign multiple users to one task or I need to make some changes in webix codebase?



  • Hey @SerheyDemchuk, it looks like it's possible to do this by redefining the default editor for kanban, so instead of

    editor: true

    in the config we will define our own editor form, where we will add the ability to assign a task to multiple users via a multiselect field (you can read more about redefining the default editor here):

    {view:"multiselect", name:"user_id", label:"Assigned to"}

    Now if you try to edit a task you will be able to assign multiple people to it and check that info afterwards. There is still one more issue however, there seems to be no way (at least that i know of at the moment) to display multiple avatars in the templateAvatar, so as a workaround you could define your own templateAvatar where you could check if we have multiple users selected and replace the icon with an appropriate one. Here's an example of how this all should look:

    Additionally, you can read more about customizing and configuring Kanban in our documentation here.

  • Hello, Dzmitry!
    Thank you so much for your answer and work!

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