How to add tooltip to columns?

How to add tooltip to some columns of the spreadsheet?



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    Hey @priyatama, you can access the datatable part of the spreadsheet and define the tooltip config. You can specify the columns you want to enable it for in the config itself.

    For instance: Here we are only enabling the tooltip for the second column of the spreadsheet.

  • Thanks @Dzmitry . This solution doesn't work if I am working on multiple sheets. Example- If I copy from sheet1, column2 any cell and paste it to the sheet2 any column, it say's undefined on a tooltip and does not copy column value as well. do you have any solution for this?

  • Could you please elaborate? As far as I can see, the example works well with multiple sheets, you can add an additional return value so that you don't get undefined showing up in empty cells:

    if (column === x) return obj[column] || "";


    Also, I didn't see any issues with copying/pasting the values. Were you referring to the example I've given or your own code?

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