how to update column reference when we copy paste cell?

In multiple sheets, supposed I add formula in sheet1 ,column c2 like =b1+sheet2!b1. now I copy this formula in sheet1 c3 , then it should update my formula like =b1+sheet2!b2 , but it does not update the formula. it keeps formula like =b1+sheet2!b1. Can anyone help me to update this formula?



  • Unfortunately, this is a feature that hasn't been implemented yet and currently I don't think there is any workaround for this. We are currently looking into improving multi-sheet math when it comes to the spreadsheet widget.

  • @Dzmitry to achieve this I was thinking to create a function for paste which will update the formula reference. Is there any way where I can create function like this, Maybe you can give me a start to create a function like this as I have logic in my mind already which i can implement in this paste function.

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