Uploading Excel

The speed of uploading an excel file (xlsx) to the webix using the standard uploading icon is slow, is there a way to make it faster or writing the uploading program ourselves?



  • The reason is slow maybe we have many sheets in the workbook, can we just load one sheet? and if we have macros in the spreadsheet will it slow down the upload ?

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    Hey @robertwong68, it is pretty hard to tell since without the file in question we will most likely not be of much help to you. The macros are a non-issue, since they don't get imported at all, and your file should parse just fine, unless it's got huge amounts of data on each sheet.

    If you would like for us to take a closer look and odn't mind sharing your file you can send it our way over at support@webix.com and we'll try to help you out in your specific case.

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