hidden bug

function modal_key(e) {
      var count = modalbox.order.length;

      if (count > 0 && message.keyboard) {
        e = e || event$1; //has to be `event` instead of `event$1`
        var code = e.which || event$1.keyCode; //has to be `e` instead of `event$1`
        var lastModalbox = modalbox.pull[modalbox.order[count - 1]];
        if (code == 13 || code == 32) callback(lastModalbox, true);
        if (code == 27) callback(lastModalbox, false);
        if (e.preventDefault) e.preventDefault();
        return !(e.cancelBubble = true);

while this bug affects old browsers only, the problem is that similar bugs are possible in other places too.
afaics this bug is occurred because of es6 import misusage.



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